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  • 25000 FCFA($50)

    Full membership

  • 10000 FCFA($20)

    Postdoc membership

  • 7000 FCFA/$15

    Master /Ph D student

  • 5000 FCFA($10)

    Bachelor/Honor's degree

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    How to become a member

    Applications for membership. Residents of Cameroon or any other country shall be considered by the Secretariat of the CAMANE which will subsequently transmit a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Eligible individuals must :

    Have a Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., M.D. degree , Paramedic, Biomedical Engineering or equivalent degree or be undertaking doctoral study Aim to contribute to the promotion and the advance of Neuroscience in Cameroon and in the world Not to use the association or the name of the organization to personally receive remuneration or profits in any form Not use the organization for any political purposes To respect human rights Not make gender, tribal, racial, social and religious discrimination. An alternative way to say this is “To embrace and promote diversity in the Neuroscience community, without discrimination based on gender, marital status, nationality, race, tribe or religion.”