Brain Awareness week in Bafoussam

In Bafoussam the Brain Awareness week was done from April 4th -5th 2022. The activities started by a sensitization day at the regional hospital of Bafoussam in Collaboration with Dr Fogang a neurologist and the different psychologists of the Hospital under the theme “the impact of the stress on the brain, a specific emphasis on headache”. It was done in the home/guest place of the hospital and in the neuropsychiatric building. On April 5th a CPU presentation was done a collaboration of Dr fogang presenting on the stress and neurological consequences namely the headache. Mr Fotie, On the stress and the psychiatric consequence, and Prof Ngoupaye on the Physiology of the stress. At the end a Family picture was done

We acknowledge the IBRO seed grant funding awarded by the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), the Cameroon Association for Neuroscience (CAMANE) and the Director of the Bafoussam Regional Hospital who has made these activities to be possible.


Brain Awareness week in Bafoussam

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