Brain awareness day 13th April 2022 at Shows and conferences room of the university of Dschang

The Brain Awareness week report in Dschang 2022

The brain awareness week (BAW) was celebrated in Dschang March 14th to April 13th 2022, under the theme “the impact of the stress on the brain, a specific emphasis on headache”. Brain awareness campaign was carried out under the leadership of Prof Gwladys T. Ngoupaye in Dschang and assisted by Prof Telesphore Benoit Nguelefack and the Dschang Brain Awareness team. In Dschang activities were done in the kindergarten, primary school and the University of Dschang. During that period, the students were taught about the impact of the stress in the brain, and how stress can affect our mental health. Kindergarten pupils were taught about the importance of the brain and neurons on brain function and later gathered on painting the brain lobes, painting and plotting brain’s lobes on a board, and making neurons with modelling clay.

In the primary school, oral and video presentation were done follow with questions with reward to the best.

The Brain Awareness week report in Dschang 2022

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