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Name of hotel Category and price (XFCFA) Specificity and security Distance from conference site + approximate transport fair (XFCFA) Useful contact
Mentong palace

(opposite MINEPIA)

Room: 15000 - Large rooms

-Secured parking


-About 200 m


697617627  243000776
Suite: 35000
Vina palace

(opposite cathedral our lady)

Room:12000/14000 - Large and comfortable rooms

- WIFI and TV set

- Secured parking


-About 1000 m


697023207  22036043
Average standard: 16000
Suite: 20000/30000/35000
Marhaba complex

(opposite central commissariat)

Average standard: 25000 -Large and comfortable rooms

-Sport hall

-WIFI and TV set

-Secured parking

-About 1200 m

-150 – 200

694945041  673146686,
High standard: 40000
Suite: 70000
Zen hotel

(at ONAREF, behind lycee classique)

Room: 17000 -Large new and comfortable rooms

-WIFI, TV set

- secured parking

-About 1400 m




Average standard: 25000
High standard: 35000
Ideal hotel

(opposite regional council)

Room: 15000 -Large and comfortable rooms

-WIFI and TV set

-Sport hall

-Secured parking

-About 300





Average standard: 20000
High standard: 25000
Suite: 40000/60000


Description of Ngaoundere


Localization: Adamawa region of Cameroon

Actual climate: actually facing the rainy season (places are cold)

Religion: Among the places of worship, they are predominantly Muslim mosques. There are also Christian churches and temples

Economic activity: the main economic activities are dairy industry, cattle and corn oil

Spoken language: the most spoken languages are French and Fula


Tourism and leisure sites and distance from conference site

- Tyson lac (3km)

- Ranch of Ngaoundere (50km)

- “Bois de mardoch”

-Falls of Tello (45km)

-Lamidate of Ngaoundere

- Falls of Vina (15km)

-Ranch of Baledjam

- Promise land (10km)